Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby and I go on tour with a new kind of (w)rap

So I mentioned in a previous post that my little family was planning on attending a baby wearing workshop. We did go. It was informative but we didn't try on any of the carriers. Baby Em was a perfect little angel through information portion of the workshop. She even let one of the speakers use her as a model without any fuss. But as soon as Daddy and I tried to wear her in the different carriers she started screaming. She didn't want to feed or sleep. Baby Em just could not be comforted. So we left.

I was disappointed because I thought that being able to wear the different types of carriers would help with my decision of which one to buy. Each carrier costs just enough that I'm not in a position to buy one, try it for awhile, and then buy something different if I don't like it. So I had to do some more research and then hope for the best (the plus side of having to pump in my office is I can use this time to do all my "baby stuff" research).

I already own the Moby and it's been working great. It's been very helpful when I've needed to be hands free and Baby Em wanted to be held. However, as she gets heavier the material starts to sag and she doesn't seem as comfortable in the cradle hold, which I use a lot because it allows her to fall asleep when we are out and about. Baby Em also loves to face out when being carried so she can see everything. However, the only carriers I have found that allow you to do that, like the Baby Bjorn or the Snugli, hurt my back every time I wear them. So I needed something with more support. I've heard great things about the Ergo and the Beco and know many people using them. They don't have a forward facing option (yet) but these were still the carriers that I was leaning towards.

During my research I've discovered that the Beco has a new version of their carrier that has yet to be released. This newer version will allow you to carry your baby forward facing and is a carrier that, if you like it, you can use with your baby through their toddler years. I'm hoping that it will be released just in time for me to get an awesome Christmas gift (Mom, hopefully you're reading this).

Until then, I started watching Craigslist for anyone selling a Mei Tai carrier, which is a cheaper option (not by much) to the Beco or the Ergo. I thought it would be a good replacement for the Moby when it stopped doing its job. The Mei Tai carrier provides better material base to prevent Baby Em from sagging and it sort of works like a swaddle blanket in that it doesn't allow her limbs don't move around much which is helpful in getting her to take a nap in the carrier when we're out doing errands. I eventually found a woman who was selling her carrier--brand was Mei Tai Baby--she couldn't use it (or didn't want to use it) because it was a girly pattern and she had a boy. It's worked great so far and it packs up so nicely in the diaper bag. So far it's been worth the expense and has already paid for itself.

Our next adventure will be wearing her on my back with the Mei Tai and seeing if she enjoys being carried that way. Or maybe we'll even convince Daddy to use the Mei Tai.

Until then, look for Mommy and Baby Em (w)rapping in a city near you.

Peace out!!

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