Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mommy and Daddy are always learning...

This past weekend my husband and I each had Monday off to celebrate the 4th of July. We decided to drive up to Providence, RI from Baltimore, MD to visit some friends. We brought Baby Em along with us. She had been on road trips before; a driving one to OH and a flying to one MA. Both were taken when she was just over a month old and she proved to be a good traveler--she mostly just slept during both of those trips. Now that she was a little older we were worried that this drive would be a LONG one. We were gladly proven wrong. Even though there were a few fussy moments it was nothing that a quick climb over the center console to the back seat couldn't fix.

It was a great weekend up North and we had fun visiting our friends but our big take away from this weekend is all the lessons learned.

1st Lesson: Even your baby will hate driving through Connecticut

Surprisingly the driving on I95 was not too bad for most of the trip. Maybe it's because we got an early start (left the house at 6:30 am) or because everyone decided to drive on Friday instead of Saturday. Whatever the reason it didn't matter once we entered CT. This state is the worst. It doesn't matter what day it is or what time it is there will always be traffic in CT. Baby Em has learned that being stuck in traffic is no fun and she wanted Mom & Dad to know this too. She spent most of the ride through CT just crying. I tried feeding her a bottle, I sang songs to her, I tried telling her stories, I tried everything. All I wanted to do was take her out of her car seat and rock her back to sleep. The next drive through that state I might just have to do that.

2nd Lesson: Even minor league games sell out (especially when there are fireworks)

One of the friends we were visiting bought a bunch of Pawtucket Red Sox tickets. Prior to buying them he asked if Baby Em would be okay at a game. She had already attended her first baseball game (an O's game) weeks ago and did fine so we thought it wouldn't be a problem. Well, if you factor in 90+ degree heat, the fact that we needed our seats to in the shade, the sold out game, and the fact that our seats were first come first serve it turned out to be a big problem.

When we arrived at the game, the majority of our level of seats were already taken. My husband and I needed to sit with each other and we needed the seats to be shady for Baby Em. The only seats available to fit our whole group were the bleachers out in center field under the hot, hot sun. So my husband and I grabbed a couple of the reserved seats and took our chances. We got through one inning before we had to move. We moved across the aisle. At this point it was feeding time. So I said a little prayer to the seat Gods asking them to let us finish the feeding before we had to move again. Luckily we got through the feeding but Baby Em was having a hard time with all the cheering and clapping so we left the game after the 2nd inning. We had hopes of getting through until the 7th but it didn't work out this time.

3rd Lesson: When you say you have to change a diaper, change the diaper

This is probably the biggest lesson we learned over the weekend. Diapers nowadays are so super absorbent that when Baby Em pees she barely notices. She never complains that we don't change a pee filled diaper in a timely matter and so we don't usually notice/remember we have to until it's really full and heavy.

Sunday morning we headed to the beach with some friends. On our drive over to the beach I noticed Baby Em's diaper was full. So I mentioned to my husband that we needed to change it after we park and before we get o the beach. Due to a mix up with directions and some other things, we forgot. We headed to the beach with Baby Em in her stroller. While we were hanging out Baby Em had to poop. When she did there was no where for it all to go so it came out over the top of her diaper staining her onesie and out through the sides getting all over the seat of her stroller. I notice all the wet spots on her onesie and my husband and I try to take hold of the situation. He is cleaning Baby Em while I am trying to clean the seat. Of course this all made worse by the fact that we are at the beach. While changing Baby Em, she is reaching for the sand and wiggling around and getting sand everywhere. We finally get her clean enough to put on a diaper and another onesie and head back to the house.

Time at the beach = one hour.

4th Lesson: Don't change your baby's diaper in the dark
On our last night of the trip, Baby Em wakes up for her usual late night feeding. I know the light in the room is really bright so I don't want to turn it on. I figure the bright light will stimulate Baby Em too much and we'll have a hard time getting her back to sleep. I ask my husband to turn on the bathroom light while he changes her diaper. We lay down the diaper bag mat down on the bed. As he is changing her, we both notice some wet spots on the mat. Baby Em has decided to pee during the diaper change and it is now leaking all over the mat. I don't think any went onto the bed but it was all over her. I take one of my shirts to dry her off and my husband grabs another diaper. She of course just wants to eat and doesn't care what the problem is. And that bright light that I didn't want turned on, ha! so much for that.

It WAS a fun trip and we have tons of great Baby Em stories but is the real lesson in all of this that next time we travel for a long weekend we ask Grandma to babysit?

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