Monday, July 19, 2010

Dr. Jeckyll and Baby Hyde

Baby Em has a great ability to be all cute and cuddly one minute and the next to turn into a total terror. This weekend was no exception except that the time between the mood changes was about a day.

On Saturday, my little family and I decided to venture out and attend Artscape. We weren't sure how long we would last because of the ridiculously hot day but we thought it would still be nice to get out of the house for a bit. Because we were taking the bus I decided that I would wrap Baby Em up in the Moby. I wrapped her in the cradle hold because I was hoping that she would nap. Other than both us getting a little sweaty, the Moby experience went great. I was surprised at how little Baby Em fussed when she was put in it and how long she slept while wrapped up. For the first few minutes she just kind of sat there like she was trying to figure out was going on. Pretty soon she was lulled to sleep either by my walking or maybe the motion of the bus. I felt really comfortable carrying Baby Em in the Moby. I would guess that she is close 14lbs now and she did not feel too heavy and my back didn't hurt.

We ended up being out for about 4 hours--door to door--and Baby Em did not fuss at all. When she woke up from her first nap she was happy and all smiles. We put her in her stroller for awhile so she could look around and I could cool off. One thing about the Moby is that you do get hot and having my little furnace so close to me doesn't help either. We saw some cool things and had a great time out of the house. When it was time to get back on the bus Baby Em went right back in the Moby and was content. I don't remember too much about the rest of the day which probably means the rest of the day went pretty well too.

Sunday was a totally different Baby Em. We had some friends in town who spent Saturday night at our place. After we were all awake we decided to play a game. It was going well until it was time to get Baby Em to nap. Baby Em does not like to nap. She fights her tiredness and wants to stay awake which then makes her super fussy. Because the Moby worked so well on Saturday I thought I would try it again. She did not like it. So I held her and walked around with her. This whole episode certainly slowed the game down but we were able to get through it. I was finally able to calm her down enough to get her in the Moby and go to lunch with our friends. We made it through lunch but had a small fussy moment when it was time for Baby Em's lunch. Though, I can't complain about that one because I get fussy when I'm hungry too.

That night my husband and I took Baby Em to a baby wearing class. As I have mentioned before I hate the Bjorn and want to get something new but there are a million different types of carriers out there. I this class would help narrow the list down and we might find a type better suited for us (at least me). I learned a bunch about different types of carriers and was looking forward to trying them on but Baby Em was not having it. She just cried and cried. She didn't want to be fed, she didn't want to be rocked, she didn't want to be up--I don't know what she wanted. Thank goodness the women giving the lectures were Moms too or else I totally would have been more embarrassed than I was. But because Baby Em was in a terrible fit I didn't get to try any of the carriers on. By the time we got home I was ready to give her away and trade in for a new model. But somehow we both survived.

As my Mom always says, Baby Em is going to teach me patience. She certainly tried it this weekend. And that little stinker must know when she has gone too far because on Sunday night when I was getting her ready for bed she gave me the biggest smile and her first big giggle. It was the cutest thing. It was that giggle that made me decide to keep least for a few more days.

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